Bitcoin Trading – Before You Begin

Before you begin trading, you need to understand that Bitcoin trading is a business – it’s done to make money and it’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.  If managed properly, Bitcoin trading is a legitimate means of attaining financial freedom.

Always remember that day trading and investing in Bitcoin involves high risks, and losing a lot of money IS a possibility.  In other words, Bitcoin trading is not for the inexperienced, or the naive, it should not be entered into lightly.

As with any type of business venture, you need to define your Bitcoin trading goals before you actually begin to trade.  So, you need to do some solid planning.

A good trading plan covers topics like:

  • How many trades will you take per month/day/week?
  • How much risk should be taken per trade?
  • Which system or set of indicators will you use to find the right stocks to trade?

It is very important that you take Bitcoin trading seriously.  It is a business, so educate yourself, prepare your funds, plan carefully, and then execute your plan.  This will set you far apart from the gamblers out there who want to get rich quick.

There’s a saying about stock traders that says it all: “a stock trader who wishes to make his million in one day will be hung in one week.”  If you put just a little forethought into your trading plan, you can avoid these mistakes.

Successful Bitcoin trading, like so many other things in life, requires you to have skill, discipline, and a good plan.  It is not for everyone.

However, if you are serious about getting into online stock trading and you’re willing to give all your effort to be successful, then welcome!  I wish you all the best in your trading!

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