UPDATED Dec 19, 2018 – Oldest to Newest Order

Uris is airdropping 25 URIS tokens (~$ 5) to airdrop participants and 13 URIS tokens (~$ 2.6) for every referral. https://t.me/urisAirdropBot?start=503550044

Plutux is airdropping up to $50 in PLTX tokens to airdrop participants. Refer friends and family to earn more PLTX tokens! https://app.plutux.com/referfriend?code=114VB2

Earnet is a performance marketing network on blockchain, that implements AI technology. Merchants and Media Publishers can connect directly without intermediaries. Get 100 ERN for joining and 10 ERN for referring friends. https://t.me/EARNETAirdropBot?start=503550044

IOST is airdropping a total of 10,000 IOST tokens daily to their community members. Participate in their daily quests, do daily check-ins and complete some easy social tasks to earn free IOST tokens. Also, earn more for referring your friends. http://telegram.me/iostokenairdropbot?start=309712

SpringRole is airdropping 100 SPRING tokens to airdrop participants who have joined their previous airdrop in June 2018 and also to new users. Sign up at their airdrop page and submit your details to receive 100 SPRING tokens. Also get 100 SPRING tokens for every referral. You can also claim your token from the previous airdrop round now. https://purdyalerts.com/airdrop/springrole/

💥Free 15 MH/s DOGE mining💥 👉 https://t.me/PowerDogeMiningV2_bot?start=503550044 👈

MEDoctor is airdropping 18 MTEL tokens to their community members. Sign up at their website, complete easy social tasks and submit your details to receive 18 MTEL tokens. Also, earn 10 MTEL tokens for each referral. https://purdyalerts.com/airdrop/medoctor/

Vreo is airdropping 200 MERO tokens to their community members. Visit their airdrop form, complete easy tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 200 MERO tokens. https://purdyalerts.com/airdrop/vreo/

Unification is airdropping 200 UND tokens to their community members. Chat with their Telegram bot, complete easy social tasks and submit your details to the bot to receive 200 UND tokens. Also, earn 40 UND tokens for each referral. http://t.me/UND_BountyBot?start=503550044

Weekly crypto trading contest, no experience needed, free to play. Weekly crypto prizes such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. https://altcoinfantasy.com/user_contests/38965?uid=wzpurdy

Get $20 from Coinchase. Coinchase protects your cryptocurrency and allows you to enjoy the profits of participating in Blockchain project crowdfunding. https://coinchase.com/c/8GukS6r0

Plutux is airdropping up to $50 in PLTX tokens to airdrop participants. Refer friends and family to earn more PLTX tokens! https://app.plutux.com/referfriend?code=114VB2

DeepCloud is airdropping up to 40 DEEP tokens (~$ 10) to airdrop participants. http://t.me/DeepCloud_Bot?start=503550044

Sparkle is airdropping ~ 29 SPRKL tokens (~$ 10) to the first 5,000 airdrop participants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLT3m72euku_Ank-elYYpMsLxu6Zty9Qi2IbVqy9RGzddjgg/viewform

💥Free Bitcoin like Canada Bitcoin Mining💥t.me/BitcoinMiningPoolBot?start=503550044

TokenData is airdropping up to 590 TDA tokens (~$ 10) to airdrop participants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdybFLzmOptiEocrSSa1SL9jFvqkQZFcAC0ypUPqjD9ZqW_2w/viewform

Tokenville is airdropping 2 TV tokens to airdrop participants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO8XYAFKUVIxsWUDq2BBkz3ec4_820moLOEoECCSWJxYupxw/viewform?fbzx=434606171418536900

IZIChain is airdropping up to 90 IZI tokens (~$9) to airdrop participants and 20 IZI tokens (~$ 2) for every referral. https://t.me/IZIChainNetworkAirdropBot?start=503550044

Sentivate is airdropping 3,000 SNTVT tokens (~$ 49) to airdrop participants and 0.5 SNTVT token for every referral. https://sentivate.com/airdrop/

Start Waves is airdropping 2,500 SWC tokens (~$ 50) to airdrop participants.  https://startwaves.typeform.com/to/XpbP6o

Berminal is airdropping 100 BERM tokens (~$5) to airdrop participants and 100 BERM tokens (~$5) for every referral. You can earn additional 50 BERM tokens every day by using the app and reading crypto news. 🚨use code 62f6d0df🚨https://berminal.app.link/friends

💸Claim 100 Free ADZbuzz Community Tokens Every Day + 100 Sign Up Bonus💸https://adzbuzz.link/go/?r=purdyalerts

🚨BTC Click Bot🚨Earn Bitcoin completing simple tasks https://t.me/Baronsmitbot?start=503550044

🚨BCH Click Bot🚨Earn Bitcoin cash completing simple tasks https://t.me/BCHClickBot?start=OY3B

⚡️ DexAge Airdrop $20 💸3,000 DXG (0.15 ETH and 0.0025 ETH per ref) https://www.dexage.io/?ref=LNPFI

🔹Evident Proof Airdrop🔹https://westart.co/project/evident-proof-airdrop?ref=106841

🔺LivenPay Airdrop🔺https://westart.co/project/livenpay-airdrop?ref=106841

🔸Thor Swap (THT)🔸Thor Swap is airdropping 250 THT tokens to airdrop participants and 250 THT tokens for every referral. https://www.thorswap.com/register/?recBy=1063814

🏥Welleth $15 + ref (WEX)🏥https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/e/1FAIpQLScYGBTw5Be8lBtK40o-07tlrnjiYoGfL3vi_vOTfD94uQJUPQ/viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.1471630893=

Nexxo airdrop is worth 4205 NEXXO tokens (~$ 3.5) and you will receive 2241 NEXXO tokens (~$ 2) for every referral. https://nexxo.io/register-200000?enablerCode=5F72RF

FundICO is airdropping up to 40 FUI tokens (~$ 4) to the first 5,000 airdrop participants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc6Cp-tpCrLBTXM8G5RBvwXq8ZTvE8NP_e-HBuze2Aa94n4LA/viewform

Indochain is airdropping 16,000 IDC tokens to their community members. Chat with their Telegram bot, complete easy social tasks and submit your details to the bot to receive 16,000 IDC tokens. Also, refer your friends to earn more IDC tokens. https://t.me/indochain_airdrop_bot?start=wzpurdy

Integrity is airdropping up to 100 ITX tokens (~$ 15) to the first 15,000 participants. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe3TiztJgMRBcJvVI5Gl2sK13dc5SqaGJIDqWUrJdNZzKdA2g/viewform

Faba Invest is airdropping 5 FABA tokens (~$ 5) to airdrop participants and 100 entries for every referral for a chance to win one of 10 prizes of 500 FABA tokens (~$ 500) each. https://wn.nr/rSGJBS

Pareto Network is airdropping up to 400 PARETO tokens (~$ 0.80) to airdrop participants and up to 2500 PARETO tokens (~$ 4.80) by being one of the top 25 referrers. Must register with KuCoin & do 2FA: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=aR5Naf Then:  https://t.me/PARETO_KuCoin_Rewards_Bot?start=503550044 

Solarex is airdropping 20 SRX tokens (~$ 1) to airdrop participants and 80 SRX tokens (~$ 4) for every referral. http://t.me/SRXAirdropBot?start=503550044

DACC is airdropping up to 1,300 DACC tokens (~$ 0.35) to airdrop participants and 100 DACC tokens (~$ 0.025) for each referral. http://bounty.dacc.co?code=lo6JxK

EndChain is airdropping 22 ENCN tokens (~$ 5.28) to airdrop participants and 2 ENCN tokens (~$ 0.48) for each referral. https://t.me/ENCN_Airdrop_Bot?start=3706443

10 RYO ($9) for social tasks http://gvwy.io/5pu2l7a

($30 + $3 ref) ➤ 10 OVC for simple social tasks + 1 OVC per ref http://gvwy.io/utu2l8m

Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link. http://share.robinhood.com/williap4

🚨3000 FREE ZINK tokens worth $300 (1.53ETH)🚨https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HKAEigQe5w5xTfZvB_HLCgGMCDw7IKnOEzy1lz7RQOg/viewform?edit_requested=true

💸Synapse AI Airdrop [$1 + $2 ref] ➤ 50 SYN +100 SYN ref 💸https://tokensale.synapse.ai/r/515507

🍃VeganNation Airdrop [$30 + ref] ➤ 60 VCN + 10 VCN ref🍃https://vegannation.io/getTokens/user/register/g0swl974jow1op5k

🤑$20 free from Elitefinfx upon sign up🤑https://elitefinfx.com/?ref=E8108805

Flame Token is airdropping up to 1060 XFL tokens to participants https://flametoken.io?ref=lJWyw750U4y1T0LJ1HRNuisMi

🔍 BITCOIN SKY MINING🏛 Cloud mining BOT🗓 28 Jan 2014💳 Min. Deposit: 0.0025 BTC 💰 Min. Withdraw: 0.001 BTC💥You can earn without investment💥t.me/Bitcoin_Sky_Mining_bot?start=503550044

🔍 ENGTRADING🏛 New BOT Telegram🗓 20 Nov 2018📈 Profit plan: 1.4% daily for 99 days💥First Multi-Coin Bot💥https://t.me/EngTrading_Bot?start=503550044

🔍 TRADE ACADEMY 🏛 New Telegram Bot 🗓 02 Dec 2018 📈 Profit plan: 2.9% daily for 50days. Total 145% 3.1% daily for 50 Days. Total 155% https://t.me/Tradeacademy_bot?start=ref-26

▪️YOBit Exchange Free Coins▪️Hourly/Daily faucet directly to YOBit wallet. Instant deposit to account. Including tampermonkey script to autoclaim on Google chrome. Register for account: https://yobit.io/?bonus=qMNDV Install autoclaim script: https://github.com/coins4lunch/EvilYobitFreeCoinsGrabber (change “@ include” line to https://yobit.io/en/freecoins/)

💸 RENTO AIRDROP REMINDER 💸🔸 Decentralized Global Sharing App 🔸 83 RTO for completing easy social tasks 🔸 Earn more by inviting friends https://airdrop.rento-app.io/7864/5666521

🎯 It’s Hunting Time! 🔥 COSMOS CR AIRDROP 🔥 💰 11 USD 🔔 2018-11-22~2018-12-25 👫 Participants Unlimited https://airdrop.cosmoscr.io/?invite=gboiKdo41GON

🔥 LEVOLUTION AIRDROP🔥 💰 25USD 🔔 2018-11-28~2018-12-28 👫 Participants 20000 https://thecollective.click/launch_party/levolution/

EVAIO, the hottest project in bear market! The first 10,000 users could each receive $10 worth of EVA.🔥 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGWMPwgSoK_XxJZghRoKtZN9mjwX2HWr1tKdsu5yhYE3sPgg/viewform?entry.1847249006=@wzpurdy

💸 IDAP.IO AIRDROP ROUND 3 💸🔸 Decentralized Digital Asset Platform 🔸 200 IDAP for signing up 🔸 Earn more by inviting friends https://tokensale.idap.io/?rt=375ad&mode=sign

🔥PERMISSION.IO🔥get 250 ASK✨https://watch.permission.io/login?referralCode=BMW8B3

🎮ARFREYR AIRDROP🎮100 FRY Coins + Ref https://www.arfreyr.com/signup.html?referralCode=BWMLJLXJO

💸Easy Claim Riverbet Airdrop💸 https://telegram.me/RiverbetAirdropbot?start=503550044

✈️EMEREUM AIRDROP✈️ Social required: Telegram, Twitter, Email Token Symbol: EME Token Receive: 50 Token Type: ERC-20 https://emereum.top/airdrop.php?r=wzpurdy

💠Luxurium Airdrop | LXMT💠Luxurium is airdropping 400000000 LXMT tokens to the crypto community. https://ico.luxurium.co/ref/9144

A successful registration on NewtonXchange will be given 50 ATN , and getting the account verified will be rewarded another 50 ATN. One ATN price is $0.1. https://www.newtonxchange.com/#/register?ref=26142090

⚡️110 HTX tokens ~ $10 for simple registration! https://hashtrust.io?mref=111737

♦️BitcoinBing Airdrop 2018 – Earn your Free Crypto Tokens♦️

⭐AltExch⭐Rewards: 100 ALT ~$10+ref http://altexch.io?ref=99464238

🔸SOBIT AIRDROP🔸Follow the steps and get 40 $SBT worth $4.20 dollar. https://sobit.one/#/index?i=mtSKCeX

🍬CoinFit Airdrop🍬Newly registered users will receive 100CB coins instantly. You can use CB as: a platform candy target coin, a ticket to participate in platform activities, an exchange coin for CoinFit platform coins. https://www.coinfit.io/auth/register/874BDF79

💱Hlbit Exchange Airdrop💱Signup to Hlbit Trade Exchange Complete KYC verification Invite friends to earn more token https://hlbit.trade/?ref=getviewstoday

🚀FLUX AIRDROP🚀The Distributed Network for Environmental Data Collection, Storage and Intelligence. https://www.smartdrops.io/flux?referral=wzpurdy_20690_30

💎COINBATES AIRDROP💎Coinbates is airdropping 250 BATES to their community members. Sign up at their website and verify mail to receive 250 BATES tokens. Also earn 100 BATES tokens for each referral. https://www.coinbateslaunch.com/r?id=KktDy6MRrf

🗑Swachhcoin Airdrop🗑Swachhcoin is airdropping 120 SCX tokens to their community members. Visit their airdrop bot, complete easy tasks and submit your details to the bot to receive 120 SCX tokens. https://t.me/SwachhcoinAirdropBot?start=503550044

📈Vechain Classic Airdrop ($10 +$4 ref)📈50 VENC +20 VENC ref https://telegram.me/VechainClassicBot?start=19037883

♨️ VibeXChain Airdrop is Live ($12 + $4 ref) ♨️Our Partner is giving away 40,000 VXC tokens ($12) to each participant. https://telegram.me/VibeXChainBot?start=549196903

📊Xenon Classic Airdrop ($10 +$4 ref)📊We are giving away 50,000 XNC tokens over the next few days. Use the link to invite your friends and get 20,000 XNC tokens per invited friend. https://telegram.me/XenonClassicBot?start=896574558

🏛BCEDEX Airdrop ($12 + ref)🏛Receive free 12000 BCDX tokens with BCEDEX Airdrop https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJe47_7YrkxSFZCT2UB4r8wkStGl98tqG0-28ZvZ1jXZdsNw/viewform?entry.1106601370=@wzpurdy

🔥Receive MANNABASE COIN Every Week🔥https://www.mannabase.com/?ref=2OZR35rblA

Signup and get free LTC from the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange https://coinut.com/referral?r=674037

🥇TRX Gold Airdrop🥇Register for the airdrop to receive 6250 TRXG tokens, worth 0.5 ETH https://trxgold.io/?ref=@wzpurdy

💥Free 15MH/s Bitcoin Mining💥https://t.me/PowerBitcoinMiningBot?start=503550044

🔹Taucoin Airdrop: Receive 189 free TAU tokens (~$15)🔹https://www.taucoin.io/account/login?referralURL=2b03cb92bdf33fe947744775f9620bb57dd235597e1f123f8d5ac15d99c06aa8

💹Monfex CRYPTO TRADING 2.0 – $100 Prefunded Account💹https://monfex.com/jWA9mTyp

🏦Newton Exchange Airdrop 100 ATN = $10🏦https://www.newtonxchange.com/#/register?ref=26142090

20,000,000 HUBS TOKEN Official Airdrop For Altilly Exchange Users https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eKRLPyHv1AIfIu-ioRLqEfE47TcsBQbU8M94kunkQec/viewform?edit_requested=true&fbzx=-7932038755800083000

🆓Free Bitcoin Bot🆓Redeem 1 BTC coupon for random satoshi per 24 hours. Must refer 10 friends to withdraw. https://t.me/freebtc4you_bot?start=503550044

Two favorite Masternode & POS Clouds 🔸Simple POS Pool – https://simplepospool.com/?ref=wzpurdy 🔸Stakecube – https://stakecube.net/?team=Wzpurdy

✨QuantumCoins Airdrop ($10) » 50 QTC✨https://qtcwallets.com/rc/NjMxNjk=

🔸Buratino Airdrop ($10) » 300 BUR worth $30🔸http://bit.ly/BuratinoBlockchainSolutions

🌀Oodlebit Airdrop » Earn free 40 OODL tokens (~$20)🌀http://bit.ly/OodlebitWebsite

🇷🇪NaiTech Airdrop via Telegram ($5) » 4 NAI tokens🇷🇪http://bit.ly/NaiTechAirdropBot

🔒Tokrex (TOX) Airdrop – 20 FREE cryptos (~$7.6)🔒http://bit.ly/TOXAirdrop

♻️Koin Network Airdrop » 25 KOIN Free♻️http://bit.ly/KoinNetwork

💫50 CPRA » $50 for Joining CoinCapra💫http://bit.ly/CoinCapra

🔹Free BTC Mining Antpool Bot🔹http://bit.ly/BitcoinMiningAntpool

📲MiracleTele Staking Reward Payout Confirmation📲💥monthly rewards: 14% € 1.43 per 100 TELE💥http://bit.ly/MiracleTeleToken

🌋 BTCPop Altcoin Faucets🌋 🔸 Proof of Stake Faucet 🔸 30 minute claims 🔸 Low minimum withdrawal http://bit.ly/BTCPop

🔎 TRADEWINGS 🏛 Bot Telegram 📈 Plan: 4,5% Daily for 30 days 💳 Min. Deposit: No Minimum Investment 💰 Min. Withdraw: 0.005 BTC | 0.2 LTC | 0.15 ETH | 0.05 BCH | 0.05 DASH | 1000 DOGE https://t.me/TradeWingsBot?start=503550044

⭐️️Populstay Referral Airdrop Bot⭐️️https://t.me/PopulstayBot?start=503550044

⚒Automine4u Airdrop ($16)⚒Stress no more, get steady daily income while you hold ATMU token in your account. http://bit.ly/Automine4U

💰Coinmark Trans-Mining Exchange Airdrop ($26)💰http://bit.ly/CoinmarkExchange

💐Crypto Flowers Airdrop💐Win 50 ETH (About 10000 USD) and exclusive flowers! http://bit.ly/CryptoFlowers

⛓Ethereum Block Airdrop » 40 ETHB tokens⛓http://bit.ly/ethereumblock

🏛25,000,000 BRDC TOKENS Official Airdrop For Altilly Exchange Users🏛http://bit.ly/BRDCToken

💠Etherdiamond Airdrop Round 2💠You will get 1000 ETD tokens. Recommend friends and you’ll get 200 ETD a person, 1 ETD = $0.05. http://bit.ly/etherdiamond

🦠Fill your bags with free HXRO by signing up and inviting friends ($25) 🦠PROMO CODE: CRYPTOSTREET http://bit.ly/HXROToken

⚒XrpCryptoMining Bot⚒💥free 10 Mh/s hashpower💥https://t.me/XrpCryptoMining_bot?start=503550044

🌐Kryptoin (KRP) Airdrop Stake🌐Earn 5 Stakes for signing up for the whitelist. Earn 2 Stakes for every referral that also signs up. http://bit.ly/kryptoin

Win up to 10 Bitcoins + 1,000,000 IDAX tokens! http://bit.ly/Interdax

🗣Glad to introduce you to Cryptokitties airdrop campaign With a total airdrop pool of USD 2,000,000 worth of Gen 7 and Gen 17 kitties. http://t.me/Cryptokittiessbot?start=503550044

Basic Income Token : 100 Tokens Daily Valued At $1 Each http://bit.ly/basicincomenetwork

🌎Etherbanking Ecosystem Airdrop » 5 EBC🌎http://bit.ly/EtherBank

⚱️Trident Index Fund Token : 1 FREE Token Valued $2+⚱️http://bit.ly/tridentcryptofunds

🔋GameFanz airdrops 800,000 GFN tokens (~$2)🔋https://t.me/gamefanz_airdrop_bot?start=503550044

🔺Basic Attention Token Airdrop » 30 BAT Tokens🔺http://bit.ly/BATToken

Vestella Airdrop: Complete a simple task, and get 1000 VES (~$8) https://promo.latoken.com/vestella-airdrop

🔹Bluenote Airdrop🔹Bluenote is airdropping 700 BNOW (~ $7) to max 10,000 participants. Also get 300 BNOW (~ $3) for every referral. http://bit.ly/BluenoteAirdrop

💸Bybit Wheel of Fortune💸http://bit.ly/ByBit

⭐️Super Mario Airdrop Bot⭐️200 MAB for completing few very simple tasks https://t.me/Mario_Bros_Bot?start=503550044

🦁CoinLion Private Beta Access & LION Giveaway🦁http://bit.ly/Coinlion

🤑PurdyAlerts Free Crypto .25 LTC Giveaway🤑http://bit.ly/LTCGiveaway

🔍 BIT STORM 🗓 Started: 15 Dec 2018 🏛 New Bot Telegram 📈 Profit plan: 10% Daily | 15 days 🏦 Total return: 150% 🔥Get free Sign up bonus on this bot free 0.0001 btc (10000 satoshi)🔥https://t.me/BitStormBot?start=503550044

💱Binax Exchange Bounty & Airdrop » 280 BIN Token💱http://bit.ly/Binax

Cosmo Chain Airdrop Bot ($30) 🔸3600 COSM ($30) + 700 COSM ($7.8) per ref https://t.me/CosmoChain_bot?start=503550044

Zenomic Airdrop Bot ($20) 🔸100 ZNC ($20) + 5 ZNC ($1) per ref https://t.me/Zenomic_Airdrop_bot?start=665709128

💸 USDX WALLET AIRDROP ROUND 2 💸http://t.me/USDX_Wallet_airdrop_bot?start=9810

🔆MineBit Exchange Airdrop » Up to 200MBT [Platform Revenue Sharing Token]🔆http://bit.ly/MINEBit

⏳Zaigar Bounty Platform⏳http://bit.ly/zaigar

☂️Loopex Airdrop » 650 XLP +ref ☂️1️⃣Sign up for Loopex: http://bit.ly/LOOPex 2️⃣Fill out airdrop form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKjUjva8-FNrRMZp56NeGGRvYBqDxX47hP_0vP-R6-Mpg5mA/viewform

📊TradePlace Airdrop ($45 + ref) » 180 EXTP +20 EXTP ref📊http://bit.ly/Tradeplace

⚡️Web Browser Mining JSECOIN⚡️http://bit.ly/jseCoin

⏯PlasmaPay Airdrop Bot⏯250 PBK + ref t.me/PlasmaPayBountyBot?start=rel_2Y1WJD

🔍 BIT WINNINGS MINING BOT free 0.0001 BTC ⚡️no need to invest⚡️t.me/BitWinningsMiningbot?start=503550044

🎅UniDAX 100 UDX + Advent ETH Giveaway🎅http://bit.ly/UniDAX

🐮75 Plaas Coin (PLS) Telegram Bot🐮http://t.me/Plaas2018bot?start=503550044

Encrybit Airdrop – Earn $10 ENCX Tokens & 3% on Referral Investment 1️⃣ Sign up for Encrybit: http://bit.ly/encryBIT 2️⃣Complete Bounties: http://bit.ly/EncrybitToken