Here are various HYIP “mining” or “investment” telegram bots offering decent rewards. Many of them offer sign up bonus mining hash power or energy credits to start:

TradeWings Multi-Coin Bot

🏛 Bot Telegram
📈 Plan: 4,5% Daily for 30 days
💳 Min. Deposit: No Minimum Investment
💰 Min. Withdraw: 0.005 BTC | 0.2 LTC | 0.15 ETH | 0.05 BCH | 0.05 DASH | 1000 DOGE
Referral System:
🥇 Level 5%
🥈 Level 2%
🥉 Level 1%
🏅 Level 1%


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Bitcoin Mining Online

Eu Btc Mining

Genesis Bitcoin Mining

LTC Click Bot

Bitcoin Digital Mining

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Toloka Game 🚜

Canada Bitcoin Mining

Claim With Me 🔻

Dealer Car

Bitcoin Sky Mining

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Doge click


Rich CryptoBot

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ETH Hourly

Bitcoin Miner

Hashfest Bitcoin Cloud Mining

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